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An automated XML publishing engine, XPP delivers proven, scalable solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, high tech, aerospace and defense industries. XPP is a key component of some of the most sophisticated, high-production publishing systems in the world. Use SDL XPP as a standalone solution, or integrate with SDL Contenta or other content management systems for an end-to-end XML publishing solution.

  • A high throughput batch and interactive composition system turns XML content into high-quality composed and paginated Postscript or PDF output.
  • XPP is designed for organizations that produce high-volume publications ranging in complexity. These businesses require rapid turnaround, text and graphics input from multiple sources and output in a variety of formats.
  • Its strength lies in its ability to automate and simplify publishing jobs. Manual tasks that may take several hours on a desktop system can be completed automatically, and in minutes, with XPP.
  • Targeted solutions provide specialized features to meet the needs of commercial publishers, financial printers, journal producers and in-house technical publishing departments that produce newsletters, books, magazines, loose-leaf manuals or catalogs.
  • XPP is ideal for any organization that has deployed a content management solution and requires end-to-end XML publishing to automate the production of simple or complex documents.
  • XPP benefits extend throughout the organization – from IT and management to editorial and production.


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